Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Woman of the Week - Mo Isom

My husband told me about a female kicker who tried out for the Louisiana State University football team last week. I just found out today that she didn't make the team. Mo Isom would have been the first female football player for LSU. Even though she didn't make the team, Isom confirmed that she would keep practicing her extra points and field goals. I'll be interested to see if she tries out for the team again in August. I think she should go for it!

My husband and I have had several "heated discussions" about the possibility of a female NFL player. I think that there will be a female kicker in the NFL sometime in the future. My husband adamantly disagrees. He doesn’t think there will ever be a female NFL player. Agree to disagree. I really believe that women can do anything men can do. One day a huge, super-strong woman who will come along and dominate the NFL (or at least kick a few field goals)!

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