Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Woman of the Week - Martha Plimpton

I love, Love, LOVE Martha Plimpton. She is a fantastic actress and a beautiful person. I saw her the other week on Chelsea Lately, and I watched the interview with Plimpton, transfixed, taking in everything she said. Some of Chelsea Handler's celebrity guests are one-dimensional, and I tend to tune out during a lot of her interviews. But Plimpton grabbed my attention right away. She walked onto the set, proudly wearing a scarlet "A," which she explained is a symbol of support for "A is For," an organization that supports women's reproductive rights. I just love women who are not afraid to voice their opinions on controversial subjects like abortion. This year has been a tough one for women and their reproductive rights. I'm so grateful that there are wonderful women like Martha Plimpton who proudly support a woman's right to choose.

I have always admired Plimpton. Her character in the movie Parenthood really touched me. She played a troubled teen that had a rocky relationship with her family (like most teenage girls). I also liked her character in Beautiful Girls because she dumped her loser boyfriend who treated her like crap. It's better to be alone than with a jerk! Plimpton tends to take on roles of "real women" who have flaws and issues, but her characters usually seem to be resilient.

This year, my husband and I started watching Raising Hope, and it is one of the funniest shows on television. Plimpton's character is hilarious. The whole cast is great, but Plimpton really stands out. Her facial expressions say so much, and it's fun to see her act with her whole self. I'm looking forward to seeing what Martha Plimpton has in store for the future. I will watch any movie/show/play that she is in!

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