Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Woman of the Week - Jane Lynch

I recently finished reading Jane Lynch's autobiography, "Happy Accidents." I highly recommend it because it reads like a novel. Her life story is inspiring, and the message in her book is clear: follow your dreams because eventually everything will work out. She struggled for many years before she became successful. I love hearing success stories about people who overcame the odds to achieve their dreams.

Jane Lynch described her upbringing in the first chapters of her book. She seemed to have a charming childhood with loving parents. I just heard that Jane's mother passed away, and my heart goes out to Lynch and her family. I can't imagine what it's like to lose a parent. I'm glad to know that she has her wife and siblings to be with her during this difficult time.

Jane Lynch is one of the funniest people on television, which is why I chose her as Woman of the Week. Her character on Glee, Sue Sylvester, is hilarious. Lynch is naturally funny, but she has worked hard to get where she is today. She was rejected quite often as a young actor, but she got her big break when she happened to run into Christopher Guest who cast her in "Best in Show".  She has been in several hilarious movies like "Role Models", "The 40 Year Old Virgin", and "Talladega Nights." I look forward to her next project!

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