Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Woman of the Week - Erin Burnett

I chose Erin Burnett as my second-to-last woman of the week for 2012. CNN is my favorite news station, and I always see clips of Burnett, who hosts a show called Erin Burnett OutFront. She started her career as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs. While working in investment banking, Burnett was offered a position as a writer for CNN's Moneyline. In 2005, she started hosting CNBC's Street Signs as well as co-anchoring Sqwuak on the Street. After over five years of working for CNBC, she returned to CNN to host her own show.

To find out more about Erin Burnett, I did a little Googling, and I came across a disturbing article on I'm not too familiar with this website, but it rates famous women on what makes them desirable to men (because the most important thing a woman can be is desirable to men, right?). Gag. They rated her most desirable feature as her face (64% of men polled agreed). Her intelligence was second to her face at 18%. At least men rated her intelligence as more important than her body, which 8% of men rated as her most desirable feature.

Obviously, I'm not the target audience for this AskMen website, but I have to go ahead and disagree with them about Erin Burnett. Yes, she has a lovely face, but she has a gracefulness that makes her easy to watch. CNN calls her style "casual, smart, and confident." I think her confidence really does make her stand out. Many reporters have a cockiness that is so unappealing, which is why I love watching Erin. She has a quiet confidence that makes her extremely likeable. I think that's rare in the news business.

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