Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Woman of the Week - Katie Holmes

I was surprised when I heard that Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. I am sure Katie will have support from her family, and I hope she will be able to recover quickly. She has kept the details of her divorce private. Good for her – TMZ can take a hike!

I have always liked Katie Holmes. When I was a teenager, Dawson's Creek was one of my favorite shows. Holmes has also starred in several movies. I loved "Pieces of April," a movie in which Holmes plays a misfit daughter of a woman with cancer. It's one of those depressing movies that can still make you laugh out loud.

Holmes is about to start filming a movie in New York called "Molly." Appropriately, it's about a single mother. Holmes co-wrote the movie, and she will co-produce it as well. It's good that she's starting to work on a new project as it should help keep her mind off the divorce. Katie Holmes is such a talented actress, and I know she will continue to have a successful career.

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