Friday, November 30, 2012

November Donation - A Is For

I exercised my right to CHOOSE to make my November donation to A Is For, an organization that advocates reproductive rights. People who support A Is For proudly wear scarlet "A" ribbons. On the A Is For website, they explain why it is important to wear the "A" ribbons:

"Every woman, and every man who has ever loved one, must wear the A at some point in their lives: Whether you’re a mother who’s decided she doesn’t want more kids, or a student waiting to start a family until the right time, or a teenager who needs access to Plan B, or a boyfriend who isn’t ready to be a dad, or a husband who supports his wife’s desire to remain childless, or a father who wants his daughter to be able to realize her own dreams before becoming a mom, we all wear the A. And we are standing up for our right to be heard without being shamed. We are taking back our A’s. The A is for Autonomy. It’s for Allegiance. It’s for Action. What does your “A” mean to you?"

My "A" word is appreciative because I truly appreciate all of the wonderful women and men who have worked so hard to fight for women's rights. I also appreciate being married to a man who knows that I am his equal and who respects my opinions. I have a lot to be grateful for, and I am glad that I have a little extra to give back. I'm tightening my purse strings a bit because the holidays are coming up, but I was able to spare $100 for A Is For. If you have time, you should check out their website

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