Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was flipping through the new Nordstrom catalogue yesterday (just for fun - I've taken a hiatus from shopping), and I noticed that 99% of the models had their mouths open. It reminded me of some advice that Harrison Ford gave to Jane Lynch on the set of "The Fugitive." He said, "If you leave your mouth open, no matter how smart you are, you still look stupid." After receiving Ford's advice, Lynch said she closed her mouth immediately. Ford made a good point. People with their mouths hanging open really do look stupid.

So the marketing folks/photographers/whoever is in charge make these models look dim-witted on purpose. I can understand why the women in Victoria's Secret commercials have their mouths hanging open (the men they're marketing to probably think dumb = sexy). But it made me wonder why the women in the Nordstrom catalogue are made to look a little dense if they're marketing their products to women. Hmmmm…..if I buy that dress/coat/handbag then I can look dumb too...duuhhhhrrrrr. I know models aren't supposed to smile, but maybe one day they’ll be allowed to close their mouths - heaven forbid they look semi-intelligent!

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