Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Woman of the Week - Jordyn Wieber

Can you imagine what it must feel like to work your entire life to achieve one goal, and then you realize, while the whole world is watching, that your dream is not going to come true? That is exactly what happened to Jordyn Wieber last Sunday. She is the reigning world champion in women's gymnastics, and she was counting on competing in the individual all-around competition in the 2012 Olympics. Wieber competed very well on Sunday, but two of her teammates received better scores. Because of a new rule that only allows two gymnasts from each country to compete in the individual all-around, Wieber will not be a part of the individual all-around. This rule has now been dubbed The Wieber Rule.

When she realized that she would not be part of the individual all-around, Wieber broke down and cried. Obviously, she was devastated, and she really did not want to be on camera at that moment. Of course, the cameras zoomed in on her face, and they wouldn't let her get away. As the gymnasts were leaving the arena, Wieber tried to make a discreet exit, but "the powers that be" wouldn't let her leave. They made her do a live interview with a reporter right after her dreams were crushed. I know that NBC has to get their interviews, but I think it is plain cruel to make the competitors give interviews when they are distraught.

I applaud Jordyn for her open display of emotions. I am sure she was trying to hold back the tears, but people shouldn't be ashamed of crying. She did an amazing job, and she worked hard to get to the Olympics. She was one of the favorites going into the competition, and it must have been a tough blow to not make it into the individual all-around. I think Jordyn Wieber handled her disappointment extremely well because her tears were honest. She was being genuine, and I admire her gumption. Even though she did not make it to the all-around, I will be rooting for Jordyn Wieber in the individual apparatus competition.

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