Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Donation - National Partnership for Women & Families

I made my May donation to the National Partnership for Women & Families. I had a little extra pocket change this month, so I was able to donate $245 to the National Partnership.  This nonprofit organization started taking action in 1971, and they have worked to make life better for women and families. They strive to make sure that workplaces are family friendly. I have some very close friends that have missed family milestones because they couldn't get away from work. Women shouldn't feel the need to skip family functions in order to get ahead in the workplace.

Women still only earn 75% of what men earn, so we have a long way to go. But the situation has definitely improved in the past few decades. In the 1960's, newspapers published job listings separately according to gender. Women only earned 60% of what men earned. Hopefully in a few more decades, women will be paid the same amount that men are paid. I'm grateful to the National Partnership for Women & Families for the work they have done to ensure that women are treated equally in the workplace.

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