Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Woman of the Week - Katherine Legge

Katherine Legge is an auto racing driver who recently joined the IndyCar Series. I saw her on CNN last week when she made an appearance on "Starting Point" with her all-female pit crew to talk about racing in the Indy 500. Legge is the only racecar driver with an all-female pit crew. She was born in the United Kingdom, and she has been racing there for years, but she recently signed a deal with Dragon Racing to drive in the United States. She just turned 31, and she realized that she would have to act fast if she wanted to follow her dreams. I think it's wonderful that she just decided to move to a new country to pursue her passion. Katherine Legge is definitely a power woman!

Legge has a two year agreement with Truecar as part of their Women Empowered campaign. While I was watching her on "Starting Point" last week, Legge made an excellent point that racecar driving is the only sport where men and women can compete equally. I know it'll be a long time before women can play in the NFL, but I still think it'll happen one day. For now, women have racecar driving!

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