Sunday, January 22, 2012


My husband and I saw the movie "Haywire" over the weekend. We were planning on seeing "Contraband", but we're not happy with Mark Wahlberg right now because of his comments about 9/11. So, at the last minute, we decided to see "Haywire." It's about a spy who is betrayed by her employer, so she decides to take her revenge. I love that everyone in the movie is terrified of her. The main spy is played by Gina Carano, a retired mixed martial arts fighter. She has been called "The Face of Women's MMA."

I love watching movies with really tough female leads. Overall, the movie was pretty awful. The plot was weak, and the story was hard to follow. It was certainly not worth the $12 it costs to see a movie in the theater these days (but I get discounted movie tickets from my firm for $7.50, so I suppose it was worth $7.50). But this movie is definitely rent-worthy just for the fight scenes.

In one of the scenes, Gina Carano's former employer is having a conversation with a spy that he is paying to kill Carano. The male spy says, "I've never done (killed) a women before." Her employer responds by saying, "You shouldn't think of her as a woman. No, that would be a mistake." Damn straight! Spoiler alert: she kills everyone who messes with her. Yahhhhh!!!

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