Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Woman of the Week - Suze Orman

I chose Suze Orman as the Woman of the Week because she is a savvy businesswoman. At the age of thirty she was still waitressing and making only $400 a month. Now she is a self-made millionaire. She has her own television show and six books on the New York Times Bestseller list including "Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny."

Suze Orman has been in the spotlight recently because of her new prepaid debit cards. The Kardashians released this same type of prepaid card in 2010, and it failed almost immediately. I have a feeling that Ms. Orman's cards will be more successful. I’m pleased to have an inspiring woman to look up to in these difficult financial times. With all of the messages out there to “spend, spend, spend” it's nice to have a voice of reason telling you to "save, save, save." Suze Orman has made a great career for herself, and she inspires others to make wise financial decisions as well. Her motto is “people first, then money, then things.” I want to buy her book on women & money, but I’m trying to save my money right now. Denied!

I have been able to save in lots of different ways this year. Okay, so we're only 11 days into 2012, but I've still been able to save quite a bit by cutting out unnecessary spending. For instance, I was able to quit drinking $4 coffees cold turkey! Since cutting out the fancy coffees, I've been drinking the free coffee and tea that my firm provides, which is surprisingly good. I have also stopped buying expensive lunches in the city. Those $10 salads were adding up, so I started bringing my lunches to work. Now I'm eating leftovers or those scrumptious frozen meals for lunch. Cutting back on spending hasn't been that hard because I know the money I'm saving is going to a good cause.

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