Thursday, January 12, 2012

No More Barbie Clones, Please!

I just read a disappointing article online about a 7-year-old girl who was given a voucher for liposuction for Christmas. Her mother already gave her a voucher to get breast implants when she turns sixteen. It sounds like this little girl might be a future Heidi Montag. How depressing.

If I have a daughter, she'll be getting vouchers for her college education for Christmas. Girls are bombarded with unrealistic images of photo-shopped women, but they need to realize that they can be valued for their minds (no surgery necessary!). If anyone wants to get plastic surgery, they should wait until they're mature enough to earn the money to pay for it on their own. Hopefully, by that time they'll realize that they don't need surgery to feel good. The world doesn’t need any more Barbie clones!


  1. Horrifying! What a messed up mother! It's sad to see kids who are not happy with the way they look (possibly pressured by their parents) - at that age they should be having fun and being a kid. Not forced to look at their image. Very sad.

    Did you read the article about the group of people who want a bald and beautiful barbie? For people going through Chemo I think - it was interesting... they were talking about how Mattel made a barbie for nerds to show off that they can be pretty and smart too, but they also want Mattel to make a barbie that is bald but still shows beauty. Interesting.

    I have to say - when I look back at my childhood, I am grateful that my mother didn't let me have that many barbies. I was allowed one (I think) but the majority of our toys weren't fancy dolls, but rather lego, playmobile, quatro set, American dolls, and a dollhouse. I have to thank my mom for not letting me get into the barbie thing.

    To all those mothers out there.... get your kids better more fulfilling toys! A barbie will NOT help them in the long run.


  2. Thanks for your comment. I love the idea of a bald and beautiful Barbie! The nerdy Barbie is a great idea. You know what I really liked while I was growing up: troll dolls. They were awesome! My favorite was a clown troll doll with blue hair, which was WAY better than a Barbie!